Kiera michaelis

review 2017

If you want a true “fringe experience” go to this show. It’s hidden away in the bottom of a nightclub in a venue that might fall apart. It has gimmicks and gadgets galore. It’s a stand-up-drag-act with a moving musical number and jokes about sex, rejection and sassy puns. It’s an incredibly enjoyable and genuinely hilarious way to spend an hour. Oh, and it’s free – so if you hate it you can leave. But you won’t. Because you’ll be laughing too hard or wondering what on earth could come next. In front of you stands “Kate Butch” an attractive and talented drag persona. In this debut hour of comedy Kate talks, sings and lip-syncs as a gay man, negotiating life in a charmingly sassy way. No topic is safe; loneliness, bowel movements, love, religion and fruit all come into the fray. Yet it never feels inaccessible or full of “shock factor” humour. It is well written and excellently delivered, with perfect prop use and startling facial expressions. Although a proper “fringe experience”, this is a hugely clever and funny-making remarkable debut hour. Watch out for Kate Butch.

Kiera Michaelis: Reviewer, Awards Assessor and Content Specialist for “Pick of the Fringe”

Buxton Fringe

Review 2017

The Underground Venues bar was packed for the first performance by Kate Butch and I was in the mood to be indulgent. After all, this was a local performer making their debut, someone we’ve got to know and like over the years in a different context. So far, so patronising.

I hold up my hand to this because this show was a complete revelation. Kate Butch is such a fully-formed creation and her performance is spot-on: intimate, confessional, and very funny. She stalks around the stage, lip-synching to outrageous mash-ups, confiding about coming-out experiences, triggering Powerpoint montages, effortlessly working the audience, suddenly not afraid to wring out the tear ducts of the audience with a beautiful, heart-wrenching show tune. It’s a bravura showing, so assured and well-judged that you can’t quite believe this is a debut.

Obviously it’s rude in places, but Kate is such a warm character, so aware of the audience that she doesn’t put a foot wrong. If you see a more joyous and genuinely funny show this year, I’d be very surprised.


Robbie Carnegie

fringe guru


This can't, surely, be the first-ever drag act to use the "Kate Butch" moniker, but it's certainly the first to be home-grown in Buxton. The alter ego of an Underground Venues staff regular, Kate enjoys strong local support – and as she sings, lip-synchs and PowerPoints her way through an hour-long confessional, she gives the crowd plenty both to laugh and cry about. There's a genuine buzz developing around this show, and reports from the premiere last week suggest it's one of the highlights of this year's Fringe.

stephen walker

"It's a hit!"

I saw the long anticipated (since Tuesday) Kate If You Wanna Go Butcher last night and it was a triumph. If you were thinking “he’s a local lad, that nice chap from Underground, yes, that one, it’ll be fun”, well bollocks to that, this is a proper stand out show. I never laugh out loud, maybe snigger, but I was straying dangerously into guffaw territory. And a note to gladden the hearts of Buxton Fringe comedy aficionados, it’s a well rehearsed, well put together show, better prepared than virtually all the comedy we usually see.

Great moments outside after, real joy among the audience, but my favourite overheard conversation:

"Would you bring your mother? "


"Really? What about Auntie Nicky?"

Great show. Possibly too strong for Auntie Nicky though. 


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"Had the audience in stitches" - The Reviews Hub

"A clear showstealer" - SGFringe

“Robust, exuberant, acerbic, gloriously glamorous” - Boyz Magazine

"What utter was a really bad experience' - JimmyMack5 on TripAdvisor